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We are a communications agency doing things in our own way, always with a positive vibe. We work as communication advisors for both Finnish and international companies that hold values reflecting our own.

A forward looking attitude is our trademark. In the communications industry we are a challenger that understands how to build reputation systematically and get results. We develop and grow together with and thanks to our clients. We design and implement people-oriented communications that make companies more competitive and their employees happier. 

Better communications lead to better business.


Norra Communications, established in 2015, was based on the idea to offer communications that meet the client’s actual needs. Our founder Nora Tåg stated her vision back then in one sentence:

"Let's do communications that makes sense."

No unnecessary press releases, false sounding campaigns or social media content just for the sake of having content. Already back then, Nora was passionate about doing more sensible and result oriented communications that were truly based on the client’s business targets. The very first clients were convinced by Norra Comms’ bold vision. This created customer relationships that continue to flourish as our team and business grow.




Nora Tåg
CEO, Founder

+358 40 158 7567

LinkedIn: Nora Tåg

Anneli Doepel
Senior Advisor

+358 45 325 0470

LinkedIn: Anneli Doepel

Anni Turpeinen
Account Manager

+358 50 554 1543
LinkedIn: Anni Turpeinen

Contact Nora when you need support in: 

  • communications strategies and plans 

  • campaigns

  • coaching and training 

  • Business Coaching

Contact Anneli when you need support in:

  • international projects

  • communications strategies and plans 

  • crisis communications

Contact Anni when you need support in:

  • health and wellness

  • PR and media relations

  • content creation

  • science communication


Our values are first and foremost a solid base for our work community and a guide to all our actions. Truly. Every day.


We like our customers and each other. Genuinely.


We challenge and surprise.
We dare.


It takes two to tango. Three makes it even more interesting.


We keep things simple and clear for better results.

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