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How is a strategy transformed from words into deeds?

We clarify your company’s business strategy and support you in implementing the strategy through communications. We help you find the direction for your business’ communications and develop plans that support the practical implementation of your internal and external communications. As communication advisors we clarify, advise and support companies in times of change.


Our strategy and planning services are among others:

  • Clarifying the business strategy 

  • Communication strategies 

  • Communication plans 

  • Planning and producing communications material 

  • Communications consultation and advisory services



IMG_1235 (1)_edited_edited.png

Together with Innogreen we have made the world a greener place since 2015. Our ongoing retainer agreement makes it possible to communicate even on short notice...


Planti wanted to gain more visibility for its plant-based products. We have planned and implemented external communications for Planti since 2019... 

6433000100472 Kekkilä Pelargonimulta Pelargonin istutus vaaka2 (1).jpg
Kekkilä and Hasselfors Garden

Our collaboration with Kekkilä and Hasselfors has flourished since 2020 when they wanted to find the clear common thread to run through their external communications...


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